Horoscopes 2011 for all zodiac signs.

Horoscopes 2011: compared with 2010 next year promises to be more tolerant and it will bring us less unpleasant surprises. Should say that after the last year it will be also much harder to surprise somebody with ecological disaster or financial crash 😉 .
Having spent couple of weeks on the wave of philanthropy, already at the end of January we will be totally determined to cope with our lives. Till the beginning of June energetic, courageous action, achievement-oriented spirit will be appreciated. In March for Aries the planet of fortune Jupiter will be joined by Uranus, the patron of progressive and original ideas, sciences and discoveries (last year both were expressing in the same position the hostile aspects with the other planets, but this year „the Good ones“ will have stronger cards and the Bad ones“ will attack one by one, and because of that the horses should be managed to be saddled up on the run, especially in the business area, as we know, only the ones who have managed to get on the merry-go-round, will have a seat there). For a moment also Neptune drops in to the Pisces sign, reminding about the ideals and taking care that there will not be stepping over the corpse in the fight for competition.
Everything that will be planned or started in the spring, claims for proper grounding in reality, and starting from June we will be given such a possibility. The planet of fortune and development Jupiter will stay till the end of the year under the sign of hardworking and in all matters profoundness loving Taurus, by the way to whom also the topics of passion and money are not unknown. Use this energy of the feracious ground in your life and let it be a productive year!

Aries 2011 Taurus 2011 Gemini 2011 Cancer2011 Leo 2011 Virgo 2011 Libra 2011 Scorpio 2011 Sagittarius 2011 Capricorn 2011 Aquarius 2011 Pisces 2011



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